Dear Priest Lake Family, Friends, and Neighbors,
This year’s Priest Lake Spring Festival planned for May 23rd and 24th is cancelled due to the on-going efforts to address COVID-19. Our planning committee has made this decision not out of fear, but simply as the right and responsible course of action since every aspect of the festival runs counter to social distancing and crowd avoidance. We are simply choosing to be helpful and participate in this national effort.

Records show the first Spring Festival started in 1963 and remained an informal annual neighborhood gathering until 1979. That year, with Lois Hill serving as director, the first parade was held, and organized canoe races took place. Since then the Coolin Civic Organization has grown the event to encompass a Bake Sale and Quilt Display, Brat/Sausage Booth Sale, the Parade honoring a Huckleberry Queen and Grand Marshall(s), Lions Club Kids Carnival, a 2-day Craft and Food fair, plus Sunday morning run events put on by Priest Lake Multisports.

It is truly an old-fashioned and joyful gathering, and this is an opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone - organizers, benefactors and sponsors, volunteers, participants, and spectators. Because of you we raise roughly $13,000 per year, of which approximately $4,200 is returned to a variety of Priest Lake service organizations and other efforts that benefit our community. The balance goes toward maintenance and upkeep of the Coolin Community Hall, which received a fresh coat of exterior and partial interior paint since last year’s Spring Festival, and many may be surprised to learn sits on State of Idaho Endowment land and is subject to an annual lease. The Community Park in Coolin, at the corner of Missouri Street and Cavanaugh Bay Road, is also maintained using these funds.

In light of this year’s cancellation, donations to help fund the Coolin Civic Organization’s annual expenses may be mailed to the address on our letterhead.
Any amount will be received with our sincere thanks.

During this season of learning and relearning that the blessings of “normal” in our country should never be taken for granted, we are thankful for the timeless beauty of Priest Lake. Although our people activities may be different for a time, be encouraged and find hope, explore new ways to stay connected, and be mindful of those most vulnerable.

We look forward to a strong return in 2021! Be of good health and social distancing,
Bryan Riegel
Coolin Civic Organization

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